Continent Interactive is a multichannel entity that offers converging solutions (SMS, MMS, Voice and Email) to improve the communication experience for our clients at a competitive price. We design and implement integrated solutions aimed at optimizing the market presence and increase digital value.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Continent Interactive currently holds a Gateway connection via SMPP and HTTP to the following Mobile Carriers: Cable & Wireless, Movistar, Digicel, Claro and ICE. We provide SMS Premium service, also available for white label customization.

We offer the following products and services via SMS:

  • SMS Premium
  • Animation and Administration for Chat rooms.
  • Alert service for subscription services.
  • Personalized text messages for customer database.
  • Interactive gaming and other solutions (voting, raffles, trivia, coupons, PIN activation, live chat, conferences, polls, up-to-date alerts for news, sports, games and promotions).
  • Premium Micropayment Solutions.
  • Content (Wallpapers, games and ringtones) .
  • SMS bulk messaging for corporate use.
  • TV Banners integrated to SMS, social networks, and publicized messages, filtered by predetermined criteria (machine human filter).
  • RSS for received messages to integrate with webpages and other applications.
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